Asher Milgrom PhD founded and funded AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare. He’s the principal architect of the corporation’s business strategies, as well as the principal scientist behind its unique medical protocols. Along with his wife, Alice Pien MD, Asher developed advanced, holistic, “multiple-modality” medical protocols for a wide variety of laser procedures that produce extraordinary clinical results while requiring minimal patient downtime. Strong proponents of an Integrative approach to medicine, which includes homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare utilizes high potency vitamin IV therapy, an array of over 30 advanced lasers, Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, Ozone therapies, Peptide therapies and Apheresis blood filtration to name just a few. Their newest industry-leading innovations are in the arena of advanced stem cell therapies, wherein they treat a wide spectrum of debilitating conditions, from degenerated joints, to Parkinson's and Autism.