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4 Signs of A Weak Immune System

When it comes to your immune system, no news is good news. Under normal circumstances, the vast network of cells, proteins, and organs that make up your immune system runs quietly in the background. That is, until something goes wrong. When your natural immunity grows weak, your body finds ways to warn you. However, if you don’t know how to interpret these signs and symptoms, you could wind up missing them altogether. So, what are signs of a weak immune system? Keep reading to find out. In this guide, we’ll explain some of the most noticeable indicators of immune system...

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Child dribbling a basketball

Best Vitamins for Kids to Support Their Immune System

When it comes to battling cold and flu germs, the best offense is a good defense—and that means, a strong immune system. This is particularly true for children who often don’t consider where their hands have been before using them to grab their favorite snack or touch their face. How can you ensure your child’s immune system is ready to take on whatever germs come their way? One of the most effective ways is with the support of vitamin supplements, which can bolster the natural defenses of the immune system so that it performs at its best. In this guide,...

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An Elderberry Tree

How Elderberry Vitamin C & Zinc Protect the Immune System

Every year, the flu season strikes. And while the sneezing and sniffling are enough of an inconvenience to lead just about anyone toward a natural immune defense supplement, this time of year is especially difficult for those with chronic illnesses and immune system deficiencies. As immune system protection becomes more and more of a priority, we turn to a possible solution, combining all-natural ingredients that have been used for centuries by herbalists to boost our body’s ability to fight illness: Elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc. Here’s how. How Elderberry Can Protect Your Immune System Elderberries have been used as a...

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Pregnant mother twirling her daughter in a field of grass

How to Boost Your Immune System While Pregnant

Magical, inspiring, transformative—a few words often used to describe the miracle of pregnancy. And while “transformative” is certainly an accurate descriptor, especially when you look down at your growing belly, we can’t overlook all the little changes that accompany that one hyper-noticeable difference. From morning sickness to random cravings, pregnancy comes with a lot of physiological changes—in particular, a fluctuating immune system. Without holistic care, a slightly weakened immune system could transform into an unshakeable illness. If you’ve been furiously typing “how to boost immune system while pregnant” into the search bar, rest your fingertips. For Mother’s Day, Cymbiotika has...

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