cropped shot of man in bed, suffering from stomach bug

Benefits & Uses of Activated Charcoal for Stomach Bugs

Having a stomach bug can be debilitating—between trips to the bathroom, you’re also ambushed by a fever, muscle discomfort, and headaches. While recovery time can be as quick as 1-3 days, sometimes a pesky upset stomach bug can hang on for more.1 Luckily, there is an arsenal of gut health supplements and solutions to help alleviate stomach bug symptoms. In addition to eating mild foods and drinking enough water, activated charcoal can help to detox your body and provide relief around stomach flu symptoms. In this guide, we’ll discover the benefits and uses of activated charcoal for stomach flu symptoms,...

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Cute first grader doing homework

Is Magnesium Safe for Kids?

When children are grumpy, sleeping poorly, and constipated, it’s easy to misinterpret these symptoms as being normal bouts of moodiness or a simple lack of fiber. But that's how magnesium deficiencies are often overlooked. Are you concerned that your child may have a magnesium deficiency? If so, you may be wondering, is magnesium safe for kids? The short answer is yes—magnesium is safe for kids and is one of the best vitamins for kids’ immune systems. In fact, they need it for a healthy body and brain function. If you suspect your child has low levels, magnesium supplementation may be...

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Woman having cold, blowing her nose

Does Vitamin C Help With Allergies?

Let’s face it, seasonal allergies are no fun. The sneezing, stuffy nose, watery eyes, and itchy throat are just some of the unpleasant allergy symptoms that millions of people deal with. And while pollen is the most common culprit, there are dozens of agents that can trigger an immune response, including mold spores, dust, dust mites, and airborne contaminants. Are you tired of allergies derailing your day? Do you want a natural way to combat seasonal allergies in the form of an immune defense supplement? Well, here’s some good news—vitamin C can help. Today, we’ll discuss the underlying causes of...

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Elderberry on a wooden table

Does Elderberry Help With Sinus Infections?

When your nose is stuffed up, your head is throbbing, and you feel a strange pain in your face, you likely want a big, steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup and a long nap. You probably aren’t thinking too much about elderberries, if you’ve even heard of this mythical-sounding fruit at all it was probably for elderberry benefits for skin. But perhaps you should be. These small, purple berries and immune defense supplement—used for thousands of years as a medicinal remedy for respiratory issues—help combat the symptoms of the common cold and sinus infections and can even boost your immune...

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