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Let’s get the New Year started right!

I don’t know about you, but one of my New Years’ resolutions is to get healthier. I try to stay healthy all year long, but there is always room for improvement. And don’t forget about self-care and relaxation!

X-HMT Heat + Massage Office Chair

Treat yourself to a luxurious office chair that not only provides great comfort and keeps you ergonomically aligned, but also has heat and massage. I have the X² Executive Task Chair and I LOVE IT. But this one has 4 different combinations of massage, two levels of massage (gentle and powerful), therapeutic healing technology, and dynamic variable lumbar support. Imagine getting a massage or heat therapy while you’re working or during a break. Ahhhh….

Cymbiotika — Rumi Herbal Sleep Tonic

I’m loving this sleep tonic from Cymbiotika. It definitely helps me start to feel sleepy when I’m supposed to and get a better night’s rest. I just take it 30 minutes before bedtime and I’m good. Plus, it’s all-natural. No GMOs, fillers, chemicals, preservatives, sugars, additives, synthetics, or heavy metals. And it’s 100% vegan.


This is THE mask to have. I’ve tried and worn a wide variety of different types of masks, and the HALOmask is by far the best. It’s so comfortable to wear and part of that is because it keeps its shape and I’m not breathing it in the whole time. It doesn’t touch my mouth at all. There are two pockets for filters that come with the mask for extra protection that has SETA Nanofilter technology, which has proven to capture 98.8% of airborne contaminants and pathogens, including coronavirus. It’s made of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex and comes in sizes small to extra large. With every purchase, HALO Life donates a mask to frontline workers and the homeless.

Intimina Lily Cup

Get healthy and help the environment by switching from tampons and pads to a reusable menstrual cup. The Intimina Lily Cup is super comfortable and easy to use. I don’t even think about it when wearing it. Plus, instead of changing a pad or tampon every four hours or so, I only have to rinse this out every 12 hours. It’s a time-saver! There’s no trash and no risk of toxic shock syndrome, caused by tampon use. It’s made of 100% medical-grade silicone

Cloud Paper

Cloud Paper is soft and durable. I think I found my new go-to toilet paper! This is another great product that’s better for the environment. The toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo, not trees. Plus, their packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. Get a subscription for free shipping right to your door.

The Family Duo

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been taking my temperature a lot more lately. It’s always fine, but it’s good to know. I have allergies, so sometimes it gets bad and I think…what if it’s something worse? The eTherm is so easy to use. I just take it out, gently press to my forehead, and press the button for a reading. It works super fast. I also have the option of taking the cover off and checking my temperature in my ear, but I prefer the forehead. The eCheck is a finger pulse oximeter that measures your blood oxygen level, which is great for anyone with diabetes, asthma, or COVID-19.

YouTheory Ashwagandha

I love this ashwagandha supplement. I take it in the morning and feel like I can work better and longer with it. It’s hard to describe. I feel like my brain works more efficiently when I take it. It’s known to help with stress and has numerous health benefits. I keep it next to my morning vitamins from Persona Nutrition so I don’t forget to take them.

CVS QuickRenew

No need to go into the eye doctor’s office and risk coming in contact with someone with COVID-19 just to renew your contact lens prescription. Save the trip and take your contact lens exam online. Everything is reviewed by a licensed ophthalmologist who renews your current prescription. Super easy. Super convenient.

Crunchy Mama Box

The Crunchy Mama Box is a monthly subscription box that has eco-friendly and natural self-care items. Each box has 5 to 8 full-size products, a beautiful stone (a different one every month) with meditation instructions, and info about the companies that make the products. You can customize the box so you get your fave stuff.

Zenwise Health Supplements

Zenwise Health has a wide array of high-quality vitamins and supplements. I love the timed-release vitamin B-12. They also have ZenDEFENSE, which is for the immune system, and Digestive Enzymes for a healthy digestive system.

Ryla — Turmeric Orange Ginger Juice Shot Superfood Powder

Ryla is an amazing superfood powder that provides you with 500 milligrams of vitamin C. My favorite is the Tumeric, orange, and ginger. They also help when my allergies are bothering me or if I have a sore throat (also from allergies). I mix it with hot water and a bit of honey.

I received these products in exchange for an honest review. If you buy anything from a link here I may receive a commission.

by Tyler Hipke / Dec 01, 2020