With so many outside forces vying for our attention and draining our vitality, do you feel genuinely energized? Or just barely getting by? If you’re experiencing brain fuzziness, poor sleep, and mood swings, your system might need a jumpstart—and Cymbiotika has the cables. Our liquid energy supplement collection includes natural ingredients and science-backed delivery systems for a boost that lasts all day. Before long, you’ll find yourself skipping that morning caffeine beverage altogether. 

Start simple and satisfy basic nutritional needs with our Synergy liquid vitamin complexes. The antioxidant vitamin C strengthens your immune system, warding off draining colds. Meanwhile, our coenzyme B12 liquid vitamin fosters red blood cell creation, protects against anemia, and boosts overall energy more than sports drinks or your typical energy drink. 

Our diet, hydration levels, and vitamin and mineral intake all play crucial roles in tackling fatigue. With our energy levels being so dependent on our nutrition, Cymbiotika liquid energy supplements harness the power of natural ingredients like nutritious vegetables and plant-based compounds by infusing them into easy-to-consume vitamin products. That’s why you’ll find sulforaphane—from cruciferous vegetables—and chlorophyllin—present in plants and algae—in our Sulforaphane Matrix nutritional supplement. These phytochemicals bolster your digestive and immune systems so that nothing (not even gas or inflammation) can slow your body down.

As you wade through the brain fog, don’t forget to nourish your mind the way you would your body with a nutritional supplement. But which nutrients are best for fighting chronic fatigue? 

Vitamin B12 and iron are crucial for manufacturing red blood cells to transport oxygen while vitamin C is necessary for cardiovascular health and maintaining strong vision.

Our Synergy Vitamin B12 is made with an organic mixture of some of the most bioactive forms of vitamin B12, Methylcobalamin, and Adenosylcobalamin, available.

About only 10-20% of adults achieve their daily required vitamin C levels. With hundreds of studies proving this nutritional supplement’s effectiveness combined with its lack of intake, there's no debate over its imperative nature.

Formulated for maximum absorbency, our Synergy Vitamin C provides the nutrients for your body to flourish and increase energy levels.

The Omega energy supplement encapsulates the best of both worlds with its synergistic mix of natural ingredients. The blend of vegan fatty acids from algae and sea buckthorn oil promotes brain health as well as physical recovery. Likewise, our Golden Mind and Organic Longevity Mushroom energy supplement combines the powers of brain-boosting plants, from energizing Rhodiola Rosea to anxiety-relieving Reishi mushrooms. 

And no rejuvenation bundle would be complete without an adaptogen, better known as nature’s stress relievers. Cymbiotika’s Shilajit Mineral Resin liquid formula uses the highest quality form of this miracle mineral. With 84 other minerals, including elemental gold and silver, this compound fights off sleep deprivation, sluggish metabolism, and mental imbalances.  

Energy restoration is about maintaining a balanced state, not major highs followed by serious lows. And with Cymbiotika’s energy-enhancing liquid supplements, you’ll get a full battery recharge that lasts all day, rather than kicking it into overdrive before running on empty.